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2018 Annual Sessions

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Witness and Renewal

2018 Annual Sessions will held June 20-24 on the ILYM campus outside McNabb, IL

2018 Annual Sessions will be held just as the Poor Peoples Campaign concludes six weeks of demonstrations and civil disobedience. It is expected that these will have had an impact on government, politics and wider-society. Opportunities to do good work may abound. It would be a time to gather guidance from where we have been and to learn the dreams of those who are creating worlds where we have never been before.

"Renewal" for some will mean restoring the social safety net. Restoring government's role in helping people become all they can be. It may mean a restoration of ideals and principles. Restoring reverence for life, the right to happiness, and the mutual nurturance of the common good. A renewal of government 'of, by and for the people.’ A renewal of pro-active change. It may mean personal renewal.

Acts of witness that provide vision and shine light on the process of change can guide our return to a life-centered society. They can help renew and regenerate our relationship with the earth. We can finding hope through witness.


Proposals for workshops are now being accepted.

Download 2018 Workshop Proposal





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