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ILYM has a year round High School Friend Program, about every three months we meet to have a Quake. Quakes are a great time for the teens to thrive in the Quaker community, and to meet other young Friends. Workshops are picked by the teens themselves, each one being very inspirational and educational. And of course we have out trips, anything from high rope courses to museums. 

Quake That Rocked The Midwest is our largest Quake of the year! It is were we invite other Yearly Meetings to attend, so high schoolers can meet teens from the wider Quaker community!One year 60 teens attended the four day weekend Quake!

The High School Tremor is where rising 8th graders are allowed to attend the High School Quake. This is a great opportunity for the rising high schoolers to meet with the teens on a smaller personal level rather then at ILYM. Rising High Schoolers will also go through a Clearness Committee at this Quake, 


For any information about Quakes or other ILYM High School Friend Programs please contact

Rose Johnson, Youth Coordinator

Upcoming Quakes

*All Quakes start at 7pm on the first night and departure before noon on the last day

Quake that rocked the Midwest
January 13-16 2017 at Evanston Friends Meeting

Blue River Quarterly Quake (High School Tremor)
April 7-9 2017

Illinois Yearly Meeting
June 21-25 2017

** Permission Form at bottom of page!

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