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ILYM Travel Policy

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Please consult the ILYM Handbook or the most recent Minute Book for the most current version of this policy.


Friends are not to be hindered from traveling on ILYM business as official representatives or committee members due to lack of funds. However, in view of the limited amount of funds available in the budget for this purpose, the Travel Fund should be used according to the following guidelines:


1. Requests for travel funds should be made well in advance to the Treasurer.

2. The amount to be advanced or reimbursed is based on the current IRS business rate per automobile mile or reasonable commercial fares. Friends are encouraged to be prudent.

3. Conference registration fees may be reimbursed.

4. Any ordinary expenses for food or lodging may be reimbursed.

5. Questions of travel reimbursement for committee business should be cleared through that committee in advance of the travel and reported to the Treasurer. Committee clerks or ILYM Planning Group coordinators are asked to provide to the Treasurer input and/or approval for the expense(s) being reimbursed.

6. Friends World Committee for Consultation Triennial or World Meeting travel will be handled from its own fund.


Also see the Support ILYM page for information about deducting unreimbursed ILYM-business expenses on your tax return.



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