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QuakerBooks of FGC (Friends General Conference bookstore)

Friends Journal

Wikipedia entry for Quakers

Quaker Life (published by Friends United Meeting) (home of many Friends organization web sites and other links)

QuakerQuaker (A daily guide to Quaker blogs and news, and wide-ranging conversation about what it means to be a Friend)

Quakers Uniting in Publications (QUIP) (A web guide to Quaker publications)

Quaker Electronic Archive (Founded in early 1994 as the first general-purpose Quaker site on the Internet, this site contains Quaker writings as well as documents such as minutes and resource guides and basic information about Quakerism.

Quakerism Made Easy (Quakers in Brief: An overview of the Quaker movement from 1650 to 1990 by David M Murray-Rust, Birkenhead Meeting, Merseyside, UK [1995])


Google Directory for RSOF

Wider Quaker Fellowship publications (This ministry of literature lifts up the voices of Friends of different countries, languages, and Quaker traditions, and points to the heart of our beliefs.)

Quaker Resources Online (Malone College [EFI] resource directory)


Quaker Web Ring

Convergent Friends (Blog collections of the conversation around Convergent Friends, the coming together of several strands of Quakerism. Convergent Friends describes Friends who are seeking a deeper understanding of our Quaker heritage and a more authentic life in the kingdom of God on Earth, radically inclusive of all who seek to live this life.  It includes, among others, Friends from the politically liberal end of the evangelical branch, the Christian end of the unprogrammed branch, and the more outgoing end of the Conservative branch. It includes folks who aren’t sure what they believe about Jesus and Christ, but who aren’t afraid to wrestle with this question.  See also the Wikipedia article "Emerging_church.")



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