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Unless otherwise indicated, workshops are suitable for all interested Friends and you are welcome to join in a workshop starting on any date.  “Continuing” workshops will not repeat from the previous day, while “repeat” workshops will start afresh. The workshop list may change before annual sessions.



Workshop Panel:  Stories of Experience in Exclusion and Inclusion Among Friends.  Beth Burbank will moderate a panel in which several Friends will share an experience of inclusion or exclusion in Friends community.  It is hoped that these stories will provide participants an opening to a conversation about what makes them feel a part of Friends community.  Participants will reflect upon these stories and their own experiences in the worship sharing groups which will immediately follow the panel presentation.


Friday and Saturday

Pastoral Care to the Recently Diagnosed or Injured, Julia (Pantoga) Soriano. This will be a discussion of a forthcoming book by Julia, focusing on being part of a community of Friends, and issues of inclusion or exclusion at difficult times.  Please bring materials for taking notes. (Friday and Saturday, repeats)

Friends and Our Experience of Community via Parker Palmer and Orval Lucier, Chris Jocius and Ross Reed. During this workshop selections from A Place Called Community by Parker Palmer will be read aloud.  Copies will be provided for participants.  This subject has multiple facets to read about and reflect on. (Friday and Saturday, repeats)

Engaging in Conversation about Race, Gender and Privilege, Vanessa Julye.  Participants will spend time in both small and large groups identifying and exploring race, gender and privilege in our country and the Religious Society of Friends.  During this time together participants will learn about subtle, often unintentional biases and their impact on our daily lives. (Friday and Saturday, continuing)

Chanting from the Silence, Ted Ehnle. No previous experience necessary--come and explore an ancient form of worship. (Friday and Saturday, repeats)

Transcendence in the Pursuit of Wholeness: Reflections on Bill Brown’s 1978 Plummer Lecture, Elizabeth Evans. Bill Brown loved Illinois Yearly Meeting.  After Bill Brown’s death in January 2014, Milwaukee Meeting reprinted his 1978 ILYM Plummer Lecture and has found Bill’s ministry valuable for Quakers today.  Messages include come to worship; the Light Within longs for transcendence and oneness; separation from the meeting can be healed; when we are humble we are able to wait; there is no dichotomy of time and eternity.  Participants are encouraged to read and savor the lecture prior to the workshop, which is available electronically on the ILYM website or in print at annual sessions.  In this workshop excerpts will be read aloud.  The value and impact of these words will be reflected on through discussion and worship sharing. Please try to read the lecture in advance.  (Friday and Saturday, repeats)

Nurturing the Light Within: Spiritual Dimensions of Electricity Use, ILYM Environmental Concerns Committee. This workshop will explore the spiritual, individual, and community responsibilities of energy use through guided readings, worship sharing response to queries, and illustration of new technologies that lead the way to a world that is less dependent on fossil fuels for energy production.  There may be an additional opportunity to brainstorm on opportunities for alternative energy generation on the ILYM campus.  (Friday and Saturday, repeats)

Friends Committee on National Legislation—Legislative Priorities and Biblical Basis, Wilmer Rutt, ILYM representative to FCNL, and others.  On Friday, this workshop will review the newly revised legislative priorities for FCNL.  On Saturday, the Biblical basis for FCNL actions will be reviewed.  Pamphlets for both subjects will be available on the FCNL display table before the workshops. (Friday and Saturday).

Experiencing Godly Play for Adults, Joy Duncan. This is an opportunity for adults to participate in a Godly Play or Faith and Play session, not to be taught about it, but to learn together, listen together, and see what happens.  The mix of story, wondering questions, listening, and speaking can be deeply moving and extremely powerful.  At the heart of it is finding our place in the story and building community.  (Friday only. Open to all, including children, but is focused on adults.)

Song of Songs of Solomon: Celebrating Love, Pam Richards. This year’s Bible study will consider the Song of Songs of Solomon, with emphasis on the significance and dynamics of the ancient Israelite wedding ceremony as a metaphor for the relationship between God, the beloved and humankind, the lover.  The contemplation of the Sacred Marriage (Heiros Gamos) will be enhanced by Paulette Meier, who will perform her original version of the opening lines of Song of Songs in Hebrew.  (Saturday only)

Inclusion and Exclusion in Friends Meeting—Having a Place for All in Worship, Northside Meeting. Friends' testimonies imply a space is present for all in worship, yet not all feel welcomed or included.  Workshop attenders will spend time in large and small groups exploring, sharing and reflecting on experiences of inclusion and exclusion.  The goals of the workshop are to identify practices of inclusion and exclusion, and to strengthen our commitment to living Friends testimonies in community.  Open to Adults, Young Adult Friends, and High School Friends.  Please bring journals/something to write on and/or drawing materials. (Friday and Saturday)