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Expectations for Young Friends & Parents

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In order to make Annual Sessions a meaningful and spiritual experience for all Friends, youth and adults, the  following expectations have been written to help young people and their parents know what is expected of them.  By making these expectations clear, misunderstandings can be avoided and everyone can have an edifying and nurturing experience.

• The FUN (Friends Under Nineteen) morning program is planned assuming that all young Friends who are registered will participate in their age group.

• Parents should notify the FUN staff if their child will not attend any of the morning sessions.

• If children choose not to attend or participate in the FUN program, their parents are responsible for them while the FUN program is going on.

• Parents are asked to accompany younger children to the morning program and sign them in, letting staff know where a parent will be. Parents are expected to be on the ILYM campus at all times that their children are in an ILYM program unless specific arrangements are made.

• If any young Friend has special needs (dietary, physical, emotional, behavioral, etc.) that may require special attention, please let the FUN staff responsible for that age group know.

• A simple snack will be provided during the morning sessions.

• If a child chooses not to participate in the program and is unable to refrain from disturbing others who are participating, his or her parent(s) will be sent for.

• Parents are responsible for supervising their children during all times that are not designated as FUN program times.

• It is important for adult Friends to discipline themselves to start and finish programs promptly. If they do not, parents may have to leave the adult program before it is over. It is important to remember that the FUN program is an integral program of Annual Sessions and not merely a service to accommodate adults while they attend programs.

• Medical Release Forms must be filled out for all children under 18. Please mail with the registration form or bring with you.