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Unless otherwise indicated, workshops are suitable for all interested Friends, and you are welcome to join in a workshop starting on any date.  “Continuing” workshops will not repeat from the previous day, while “repeat” workshops will start afresh.  Sign up to attend workshops at Annual Sessions.

Using the Alexander Technique to find comfort in sitting, expand consciousness, and mindfully use oneself to improve connections, Renee Schneider.  The Alexander Technique helps people overcome habits that can contribute to functional problems such as back pain, muscle tension and stiffness, poor posture, and even breathing issues.  This workshop will include a presentation on the benefits of the technique and its history among Quakers, tips for finding comfortable sitting positions that employ better use of the body, and some methods for how to mindfully and gently deal with pain or discomfort that may arise in the body. Thursday.


Developing One’s Quaker Labor Voice, Brad Laird. The labor movement in the USA is shrinking by an authoritarian lack of democracy from within large unions and by legislation like Right to Work. Speaking truth to power as an individual to your employer is a good way to lose one’s job. The solidarity of a union can offer one way to express one’s testimonies of integrity, peace, sustainability, community, equality, and simplicity. The workshop will include a few short readings about current Labor matters in general and specific to Quakers and breakout groups for discussion about some queries that are intended to stimulate thinking about what could be a distinctive Quaker voice on labor matters. Thursday.


Nurturing the Seed of Creativity & Care, Barbara Harroun. This work-shop will focus on using the words and art of Friends to inspire our own acts of creativity through visual and literary art/play. Participants will also look at imaginative ways to use creativity to care for one another—and ourselves. Sometimes, we are the last ones on the list of caring for and recognizing the Divine Beloved in. Come to create, celebrate, and share ideas. Thursday.


Living the Transformation: Exploring the Mission of Friends World Committee for Consultation, David Shiner and Nancy Wallace.  Attenders will learn more about the varieties of religious expression within the Religious Society of Friends. The format will include both a presentation and discussion. Thursday and Friday, repeats.


Quaker Workcamps in the 21st Century, Brad Ogilvie.  Quaker work-camps are an important opportunity for bringing Quakerism to the broader world, getting to the root causes of injustice and violence, and providing opportunities for spiritual formation, development, and outreach. This workshop will present the history and current activity of Quaker workcamps in relation to their impacts on individuals and the world. This workshop will be part presentation and part interactive. Thursday and Friday, repeats.


Quaker Social Change Ministry: Reclaiming spirit-guided social change working alongside those most impacted, Lucy Duncan. This workshop will introduce Quaker social change ministry and lead folks through a process to consider how to center the voices and experiences of people of color or those most impacted by injustice in our work for just peace. This will be an interactive exercise which invites participants to reconsider their role in movement building and whether they are listening to grassroots leaders who are on the front lines for social change. Friday.


Creating a World We Seek: How Spirit-Led Action Keeps Us Going, Christine Ashley. Friends believe that peace throughout the world is God’s will and peace is attainable. Opportunities are created when faith and work in the world are melded. How do faith journeys hold and grow our work in the world? How do Friends lean in to the light, melding hope and action in the world? The workshop will include worshipsharing and discussion, allowing each participant to share personal stories of faith and practice. Friday.


Patterns and Examples: Games with Friends of the Past, Melinda Wenner Bradley. Have you wondered what it would be like to be Fox, Fell, Woolman, Mott, or Rustin? Or hoped to learn more about Friends who were scientists, inventors, and artists? Participants will choose from an array of historic Friends, learn about their work and witness from short bios, and create an image of that Friend using simple materials. Then portraying their choices, participants will play games that help them learn about the many ways Friends have led. Multigenerational. Friday


Banner Workshop, Margaret Nelson. The workshop process involves participants sketching their banners on drawing paper, then transferring the drawing to their canvas.  Transparent drafting rulers make it easy to mark even lines for the banner text. Text is laid out in plain block letters, then gone over with big markers to get Roman letters. If participants want, they can over paint those letters with acrylics to make them truly permanent as well as waterproof. Limit 12. Friday.


Planting the seed for low carbon energy sources, Noel Pavlovic. Are you paralyzed by the scale of global climate change? Do you struggle with how to reduce your energy carbon footprint? The workshop will explore opportunities for nurturing the seed of inspiration concerning personal and collective fossil fuel use. Noel will present several tools and options for reducing our carbon footprint in regards to energy consumption, and will present the concepts of carbon tax witness, divestment from investment in coal and oil, and improvements of sustainable energy. Participants will discuss and seek witness to individual and community action. Friday and Saturday, repeats.


Nurturing our Children’s Religious Education, Nancy Wallace, Carol Moschandreas, Joy Duncan & Monica Tetzlaff. There is a real need for Friends to have a time at Annual Sessions to talk about First Day School in relation to sharing our emerging work, our experiences, and our quest-ions about religious education. Some meetings do not have programs for their children, some meetings need to breathe new life into their existing programs, and some meetings have vibrant programs. This will be an opportunity to for everyone to come together. Multigenerational. Limit 12. Saturday.


Playing with Puppets and Paradox: Exploring our mythic inner worlds,  Laura Lewis-Barr. Sometimes adults forget the healing power of play.  In this workshop, participants will make paper plate puppets to explore their mythic inner life. Puppets are not only fun but they can provide a playful portal, that will help participants dive below the mundane appearance of their daily lives, into their hidden archetypal quests, struggles, and victories. Come for laughter and a glimpse into your current inner comedy/tragedy. This workshop is meant for adults, not children. Saturday.


A Kinesthetic Understanding of Privilege, Noah White. Through the use of interactive activities, participants will be encouraged to investigate the disruptively invasive seeds that unequal privilege plants and continues to nourish in our lives. Combined with the improvisational activities, the modified privilege walk will physically examine the connectivity between our actions and thoughts. Noah will lead participants through several activities designed to help acknowledge current social situations, cultivate the desire for change, and provide a sustainable platform of growth for future experiences. Saturday.


Friends and the State, ILYM Faith and Practice Committee. This workshop will be a review and discussion of draft Faith and Practice text on the relation between Friends and the state, including civic responsibility; police, judicial and penal reform; capital punishment; judicial oaths; conscientious objection; war tax resistance; and civil disobedience. This will be an opportunity for Friends to provide feedback and help shape the text before it is proposed to the Yearly Meeting for adoption. Saturday.


Multigenerational Chanting Workshop, Lisa Bassett. Saturday.