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Program Schedule

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Adult         Children         All



12:30-1:45 pm   Registration Desk Open
  1:45-3:45           Recreation Activities for children, Babysitting & Childcare in Play Area
                                      Swimming 2:30-4:30

  2:00-3:30           Opening Session: Worship & Business Meeting
  3:30-6:00           Free time/committee meetings
  3:45-6:00           Registration Desk Open
  5:30-6:00           Singing on front porch
  6:00-7:00           Dinner (volunteers eat 30 min. early)
  6:30-7:30           Registration Desk Open
  7:15-9:00           Hayrack Ride and games for children;
                                         Babysitting for children too young for program

  7:30-8:45           Address by Lucy Duncan & Noah White: “Undoing Racism in Quaker Meetings:
                                         Experiences from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.”

  8:45-9:15           Registration Desk Open
  9:00                      New Attenders Meeting (Reg. desk)
  9:00-9:45           Snacks (dining room)



  6:30-7:00 am    Early Meeting for Worship (outside, eastside of mtghse)
  6:45-7:45           Breakfast (volunteers eat 30 min. early)
  7:30                      New Attenders Meeting on Saturday (Reg. desk)
  7:45-8:45           Childcare & Babysitting in Play Area
  8:00-9:00           Meeting for Worship (Memorials are read on Sat.)
  8:45-noon           Children’s Morning Program (children join adults for worship at ~12:50)
                                        Babysitting for children too young for children’s program

  9:00-noon           Meeting for Business
12:00-1:00 pm    Lunch (volunteers eat 30 min. early)
12:30-1:30           Registration Desk Open
  1:15-4:00            Recreation Activities for children; Babysitting & Childcare in the Play Area
                                       Thur 2:30-4:30: swimming
                                       Fri & Sat 1:15-2:15: Craft tent open
                                       Fri 2:30-3:45:
Multigenerational Workshops
                                       Sat: Babysitting and Childcare until 4:30 pm
  1:30-2:15           Worship Sharing groups
  2:30-3:45          Workshops (Multigenerational Workshops on Friday)



  3:45-6:00 pm    Free time/committee meetings
  4:15-5:45            Registration Desk open
  5:30-6:00            Singing on front porch
  6:00-7:00            Dinner (volunteers eat 30 min. early)
  7:15-9:00            Banner Making, Singing and Flashlight Parade Children’s Program
                                     with Margaret Nelson; Babysitting for children too young for program

  7:30-8:45            Address by Melinda Wenner Bradley: “Bringing Children
                                     into the Heart of Meeting.”

  8:45-9:15            Registration Desk Open
  9:00-9:45            Snacks



  3:45 - 6:00 pm  Free time/committee meetings
  4:15 - 5:45          Registration Desk open
  5:30 - 6:00          Singing on front porch
  6:00 - 7:00          Dinner (volunteers eat 30 min. early)
  6:30 - 7:30          Registration Desk open
  7:30-10:00          Dancing on front lawn, no childcare or babysitting
  8:45 - 9:15          Registration Desk open
  9:00 - 9:45          Snack served outside during dancing


  3:45 pm               Help Think about Next Year’s Annual Sessions
                                    (Babysitting & Childcare until 4:30 pm)
  4:30-5:30            Variety Show
  4:30-5:45            Registration Desk open
  5:30-6:00            Singing on front porch
  6:00-7:00            Dinner (volunteers eat 30 min. early)
  7:15-9:00            Campfire; Babysitting for children too young for campfire
  7:30-8:45            Address by Steve Chase: “From Empire to Beloved Community:
                                     Acting on the Call to Radical Fatihfulness.”

  8:45-9:15            Registration desk open
  9:00-9:45            Snacks (dining room)



  6:30-7:30 am    Early Meeting for Worship (outside, eastside of mtghse)
  7:30-8:30            Breakfast (volunteers eat 30 min. early)
  8:15-8:45            Registration Desk open
  8:45-9:45            Reading of Epistles (children gather in front of the meetinghouse at 8:50)
  8:45-12:10          Babysitting for children too young for the Reading of Epistles and FDS
10:00-12:15          First Day School (children join join adults for worship at ~12:05)
10:00-11:00          Plummer Lecture by Nancy Duncan of St. Louis Friends Meeting
11:15-12:15 pm   Meeting for Worship

12:30-1:30            Lunch (volunteers eat 30 min. early)
1:30                         Cleanup and Farewells