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New This Year

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Please note some of the changes for 2016 Annual Sessions

The children’s program, formerly called Friends Under Nineteen and now called Children’s Sessions, has undergone various changes to better address the nurturing of our children and parents:

  • Childcare and babysitting will be available during morning Meeting for Worship, so that parents will be able to attend worship.
  • There will be a presence of children in daily Meeting for Worship. The children will join the adults for the last 10 minutes of closing worship of the Business Meeting, with us all rising for lunch together.
  • Children’s evening programs have been revised, please look at the schedule. The children’s evening programs will start 15 minutes before and end 15 minutes after the adult evening programs, so to all parents to fully participate in the evening programs
  • There will be a First Day School program on Sunday during the Plummer lecture and Meeting for Worship. Children will join the adults near the end of worship.
  • There will be various mulitgenerational workshops on Friday.


Sunday morning schedule has be slightly shifted to better allow for children to join adults in worship.


Color coded program schedule that integrates the adult programming and children's programming.


Fee increase: Due to increased costs for running ILYM Annual Sessions, the daily adult registration fee has been modestly increased from $36 to $40. It has been a number of years since the fee has been increased. Even with this increase, ILYM still has one of the lowest cost Annual Sessions when compared to other yearly meetings, whose fees are significantly higher due to meeting at a facilities that the yearly meeting does not own. Fees for ILYM cover only the costs for putting on Annual Sessions. Expenses for maintenance and improvement of the yearly meeting campus are covered in other parts of the budget. An adult can attend the full ILYM Annual Sessions for $160, while for most other gatherings the cost for one adult would be over $600. Also while most other yearly meetings charge fees for children, ILYM does not. So two parents with all their children can attend for $320.

Phone and tablet charging: there will be a USB charging station capable of charging 10 devices (eight phones and two tablets) at once. You will need your own USB cable. This will hopefully cut down on the number of devices precariously perched around the few available outlets in the meetinghouse.


AYF Teepee: The Adult Young Friends will be putting up the teepee to serve as a gathering and lodging place for Adult Young Friends. Adult Young Friends who would like to stay in the teepee during Annuals Sessions should indicate so in the “other” lodging box on their registration form.