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Queries for Worship Sharing Groups

Groups for worship sharing will gather 1:30-2:15 p.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Following are the queries that will be used during those groups. Signing up for a worship group can be done at the check-in/registration area.




Think of a time when you interacted with someone very different from yourself without opening your heart to them. What prevented you from doing that? How would you have handled that situation differently if you had been more open to the Light in that person?



Think of a time when you learned about a different culture or subculture in a way that opened your heart to it. How did that come about? Did centering, prayer or another practice help you to become more open?



Think of a time when you felt that a Quaker meeting for business or committee meeting changed direction by being open to divine leadings. What happened, and why do you believe it happened?