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Workshop will be held 2:30-3:45 p.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Unless otherwise indicated, workshops are suitable for all interested Friends, and you are welcome to join in a workshop starting on any date. “Continuing” workshops will not repeat from the previous day, while “repeat” workshops will start afresh. Sign up of workshops on site at Annual Sessions.




Aging Among Friends, Virginia Schelbert. This workshop will discuss the journey of aging among Friends. Aging is a universal experience but is often denied or put aside during our busy lives. Each of those attending will be encouraged to share in the discussion of the the physical, psychologic, and spiritual changes that are often experienced by aging Friends. Attenders will also practice some effective exercises to improve balance and prevent falls. A handout of selected readings and resources will be provided. (Thursday and Friday, repeats)

Conscientious Objection (C.O.) to War: Friends’ Peace Testimony and Experience, David Finke and Mark McGinnis. Since it has been many years since attention has been given at Annual Sessions C.O., Peace Resources joins in sponsoring this look at a vital part of Friends witness. Each session will have two aspects: (1) The place of this aspect of Friends Peace testimony within Friends’ tradition; (2) How C.O. functions vis-a-vis the law, civilian & military, and how to prepare for a claim. Resources will come from the Center on Conscience & War and Staughton & Alice Lynd’s book on moral injury. Personal experiences will be heard, as time permits. Open to all, middle school and older. (Thursday and Friday, repeats)

Nordics and Friends: Open Hearts Synergy, Alex Lippitt. Nordic cultures at many levels have demonstrated open hearts in studies and surveys as evidenced in measures of trust and happiness to a large extent; these cultures include a focus on Quaker testimony groupings: peace, simplicity, equality and community, and integrity. This workshop will compare and contrast American and Nordic cultures and what American Friends can take away in building open hearts culture and at what levels. Short excerpts from authors such as Quaker George Lakey will be interspersed with comparison-based handouts to drive discussion and takeaways. (Thursday and Friday, repeats)

Opening Our Hearts to Other Forms of Quaker Worship, David Shiner and Nancy Wallace. Unprogrammed worship in the manner of ILYM Friends is an important approach to Quakersim, but it is not the only one. In fact, most Quakers in the USA and around the world have a very different method of worship. Come learn about the various approaches, and about what the Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) does to bring all types of Quakers together in Friendship. (Thursday and Friday, repeats)

Planning for a Tree and Shrub Windbreak on the West Campus, Noel Pavlovic and Adrian Fisher. A discussion of the background, issues and draft design for the proposed shrub and tree planting on the west end of the ILYM campus as a wind break and buffer between ILYM property and the adjacent farm land. Also a discussion of the psychological, ecological, and spiritual dimensions of incorporating native plants in the ILYM campus. Friends will be asked to respond to the draft design to provide feed back on altering and improving the concepts. (Thursday and Saturday, repeats)

Faith and Practice: Addiction, Substance Abuse and Gambling, Peter Lasersohn. Presentation and discussion of draft Faith and Practice text on these topics with an opportunity for Friends to provide feedback. (Friday)

Finding Our Breath in the Bible, Phyllis Reynolds. Bible study related to our breath and our community. (Friday)

Hand Puppet Workshop, Margaret Nelson. This is a two session papier mache hand puppet class. First session: attenders will model human or animal fantasy creature puppet heads which are dried overnight. Second session: attenders will paint their heads and embellish pre-made costumes with felt, fake fur, and various trims and then assemble the puppets with hot glue. Multigenerational/limit 12. (Fri and Sat, continues)

Exploring Meeting for Worship in a Multigenerational Group with Open Hearts, Joy Duncan. Approaching meeting for worship requires an open heart. This is especially true of multigenerational meeting for worship. This workshop is for Friends of all ages looking for a new way to understand meeting for worship, as well as for First Day School teachers who are looking for new religious education ideas focused on meeting for worship to take back to their home meetings. This will be explored in several ways: Faith and Play style story about meeting for worship, heart sharing like worship sharing for Friends of all ages, “Meeting Machine,” a bilingual pamphlet on “Quaker Meeting and Me,” and deepening activities from FGC. Multigenerational. (Friday and Saturday, different ways explored each day)

Faith and Practice: Clearness and Support Committees, Peter Lasersohn. Presentation and discussion of draft Faith and Practice text on these topics with an opportunity for Friends to provide feedback. (Saturday)

Gentle Chair Yoga, Sue Styer. Yoga can be a mindful spiritual practice with physical and mental benefits. Movements will be done seated and standing while using the chair for support. Attenders will learn and practice breathing techniques for relaxation and centering. While matching breath with movement, attenders will practice simple, safe poses to develop range of motion strength, balance, and flexibility while focusing on body alignment. Attenders will also explore excerpts from Dorothy Ackerman’s 1976 Pendle Hill Pamphlet, A Quaker Looks at Yoga. This workshop is suitable for those with mobility limitations. (Saturday)

Quakers and Gaza: Engagement and Action from 1948 to the Present, Jennifer Bing. A review of the Quaker historic ties to Palestinians in Gaza and an engagement of the new AFSC campaign “Gaza Unlocked.” (Saturday)

Welcoming the Stranger: Refugee Advocacy in Fearful Times, Rebecca Harris. A presentation of an update on proposed changes in US refugee policies, FCNL’s response and opportunities for constituent engagement on this issue, addressing why Friends are spiritually called to engage in refugee advocacy and how open borders relate to open hearts. Attenders will then split into breakout groups to discuss potential action steps they could take in their districts. (Saturday)