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Learn about the January 2010 Visioning workshop, and the growth and implementation of ILYM's vision for using the new "Mills" property. TO ADD TO THE DISCUSSION, please register. The instructions are on the ILYM home page. After registering, you will see a "Post" button when you are reading a discussion thread. Please participate!
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Normal 1 - Visioning Workshop materials 2 21946 Thu 01/21/2010 10:32 pm CST
Re: 1 - Visioning Workshop materials by David.Finke
Normal 2 - Overarching Values 0 20300 Fri 01/15/2010 08:34 am CST  
Normal Theme: Accessible Lodging 0 15791 Fri 01/15/2010 07:35 am CST  
Normal Theme: Advancement Committee 5 18991 Tue 02/23/2010 04:10 pm CST
Re: Theme: Advancement Committee by David.Finke
Normal Theme: Caretaker 0 15693 Fri 01/15/2010 08:02 am CST  
Normal Theme: Clear Creek Meeting 4 17654 Thu 01/21/2010 10:04 pm CST
Re: Theme: Clear Creek Meeting by David.Finke
Normal Theme: Communal Spaces 0 17175 Fri 01/15/2010 07:41 am CST  
Normal Theme: Inreach and Outreach 0 17626 Fri 01/15/2010 07:44 am CST  
Normal Theme: Kitchen & Dining Area 3 17187 Wed 02/24/2010 03:29 pm CST
Re: Theme: Kitchen & Dining Area by David.Finke
Normal Theme: Retreats & Programs 0 17247 Fri 01/15/2010 08:12 am CST  
Normal Theme: Safe Recreation 1 17617 Sun 02/07/2010 08:03 am CST
Re: Theme: Safe Recreation by mvtanna
Normal Theme: Unity with Nature 5 18216 Tue 05/04/2010 02:45 pm CDT
Re: Theme: Unity with Nature by Dawn.Amos

For more information, please see Wiki Page Editor & Wiki Syntax

Wiki Syntax
Bold text     __text__
Italic text     2 single quotes (').     ''text''
Underlined text     ===text===
Colored text
~~#FFEE33:text~~ or ~~yellow:text~~. Will display using the indicated HTML color or color name. Color name can contain two colors separated by a comma. In this case, the first color would be the foreground and the second one the background.
Deleted text     2 dashes "-".     --text--
!heading1, !!heading2, !!!heading3
!+, !!- show/hide heading section. + (shown) or - (hidden) by default.
Autonumbered Headings
!#, !!#, !+#, !-# ...
Table of contents
{toc}, {maketoc} prints out a table of contents for the current page based on structures (toc) or ! headings (maketoc)
Horizontal rule     ----
Text box     ^Box content^
Centered text     ::text::
Dynamic variables
%Name% Inserts an editable variable
External links
use square brackets for an external link: [URL], [URL|link_description],[URL|link_description|relation] or [URL|description|relation|nocache] (that last prevents the local Wiki from caching the linked page; relation can be used to insert rel attribute for the link - useful e.g. for shadowbox).
For an external Wiki, use ExternalWikiName:PageName or ((External Wiki Name: Page Name))
Square Brackets
Use [[foo] to show [foo].
Wiki References
((page)) or ((page|description)) for wiki references
* for bullet lists, # for numbered lists, ;Word:definition for definiton lists
+, ++ Creates an indentation for each plus (useful in list to continue at the same level)
Title bar     -=Title=-
Monospace font     -+Code sample+-
Line break
%%% (very useful especially in tables)
Multi-page pages
Use ...page... to separate pages
Non parsed sections
~np~ data ~/np~ Prevents wiki parsing of the enclosed data.
Preformated sections
~pp~ data ~/pp~ Displays preformated text/code; no Wiki processing is done inside these sections (as with np), and the spacing is fixed (no word wrapping is done). ~pre~ data ~/pre~ also displayes preformatted text with fixed spacing, but wiki processing still occurs on the text.
~tc~ Tiki Comment ~/tc~ makes a Tiki comment. It will be completely removed from the display, but saved in the file for future reference. ~hc~ HTML Comment ~/hc~ makes an HTML comment. It will be inserted as a comment in the output HTML; these are not normally displayed in browsers, but can be seen using "View Source" or similar.
{r2l}, {l2r}, {rm}, {lm}Insert resp. right-to-left and left-to-right text direction DIV (up to end of text) and markers for langages as arabic or hebrew.
Special characters
~hs~ hard space, ~c~ ©, ~amp~ &, ~lt~ <, ~gt~ >, ~ldq~ “, ~rdq~ ”, ~lsq~ ‘, ~rsq~ ’, ~--~ —, ~bs~ \, numeric between ~ for html numeric characters entity

Because the Wiki paragraph formatting feature is off, each line will be presented as you write it. This means that if you want paragraphs to be wrapped properly, a paragraph should be all together on one line.

Plugins Help

Note that plugin arguments can be enclosed with double quotes ("); this allows them to contain , or = or >.

Article Help
Includes an article's content within the page.
[ Field="The article field to display. Default field is Heading." ]
[ Id="The article to display. If no value is provided, most recent article will be used." ]
Article List Help
Includes a list of articles within the page.
[ max="The amount of articles to display in the list." ]
[ topic="[!]topic+topic+topic" ]
[ topicId="[!]topicId+topicId+topicId" ]
[ type="[!]type+type+type" ]
[ categId="The ID of the category to list from." ]
[ lang="The article language to list." ]
[ sort="The column and order of the sort in columnName_asc or columnName_desc format." ]
[ quiet="Whether to not report when there are no articles." ]
[ titleonly="Whether to only show the title of the articles." ]
Box Help
Insert theme styled box on wiki page
[ title="Displayed above the content" ]
[ bg="As defined by CSS, name or Hex code." ]
[ width="In pixels or percentage. Default value is 100%." ]
[ align="left|right|center" ]
[ float="left|right, for box with width lesser than 100%, make text wrap around the box." ]
[ class="Apply custom CSS class to the box." ]
Category Help
Insert list of items for the current/given category into wiki page
[ id="List of category IDs separated by + signs. ex: 1+2+3. Default will use category of the current page." ]
[ types="List of object types to include in the list separated by plus signs. ex: article+blog+faq+fgal+forum+igal+newsletter+event+poll+quiz+survey+tracker+wiki+img" ]
[ sort="fieldName_asc|fieldName_desc, valid fields: type, created, name, hits, shuffle" ]
[ split="y|n" ]
[ and="y|n" ]
Category Orphans Help
Display Tiki objects that have not been categorized
[ objects="wiki|article|blog|faq|fgal|forum|igal|newsletter|poll|quizz|survey|tracker" ]
Category Path Help
Insert the full category path for each category that this wiki page belongs to
[ divider="String used to separate the categories in the path. Default character is >." ]
[ top="yes|no, default to no" ]
Center Help
Centers the plugin content in the wiki page
Code Help
Displays a snippet of code
[ caption="Code snippet label." ]
[ wrap="0|1, Enable word wrapping on the code to avoid breaking the layout." ]
[ colors="Syntax highlighting to use. May not be used with line numbers. Available: php, html, sql, javascript, css, java, c, doxygen, delphi, ..." ]
[ ln="0|1, may not be used with colors." ]
[ wiki="0|1, parse wiki syntax within the code snippet." ]
[ rtl="0|1, switch the text display from left to right to right to left" ]
[ ishtml="0|1, display the content as is instead of escaping HTML special chars" ]
Copyright Help
Insert copyright notices
Pattern to display the copyright in. May contain ~title~, ~year~ and ~authors~.
Definition List Help
Creates a definition list
{DL( )}
One entry per line. Each line is in "Term: Definition" format.
Events Help
Includes the list of events from a calendar in the page.
[ maxdays="Numeric" ]
[ max="Numeric" ]
[ datetime="0|1" ]
[ desc="0|1" ]
{EXAMPLE(face=> size=>)}text{EXAMPLE}
Fade Help
Displays a label. On click, the block of content will fade in and fade out.
label="Label to display on first display"
Wiki syntax containing the text to display.
Fancy List Help
Creates a fancy looking list
[ div="Use div instead of ol" ]
[ class="CSS class of the fancylist" ]
One item per line starting with anything followed by ")".
Fancy Table Help
Displays the data using the Tikiwiki odd/even table style
[ head="Heading row of the table, same format as the body section." ]
[ headclass="CSS Class to apply on the heading row." ]
One row per line, cells separated by ~|~.
Files Help
Displays a list of files from the File Gallery
[ galleryId="Gallery ID" ]
[ categId="Category ID:Category ID" ]
[ sort="name_asc" ]
[ showaction="y|n" ]
[ showfind="y|n" ]
[ showid="y|n" ]
[ showicon="y|n" ]
[ showname="y|n" ]
[ showfilename="y|n" ]
[ showsize="y|n" ]
[ showdescription="y|n" ]
[ showcreated="y|n" ]
[ showhits="y|n" ]
[ showlockedby="y|n" ]
[ showlmodified="y|n" ]
[ showauthor="y|n" ]
[ showcreator="y|n" ]
[ showgallery="y|n" ]
[ showfiles="y|n" ]
[ slideshow="y|n" ]
Flash video Help
Displays a SWF on the wiki page
movie="Complete URL to the movie to include."
[ width="Default width: 425" ]
[ height="Default height: 350" ]
[ quality="Flash video quality. Default value: high" ]
{FORMULA(width=>500, height=>400, paper=>letter, orientation=>landscape, steps=>150, min=0, max=100, y0=>, y1=>,...)}Title{FORMULA}
Group Help
Display wiki text if user is in one of listed groups
[ groups="Pipe separated list of groups allowed to view the block. ex: Admins|Developers" ]
[ notgroups="Pipe separated list of groups denied from viewing the block. ex: Anonymous|Managers" ]
Wiki text to display if conditions are met. The body may contain {ELSE}. Text after the marker will be displayed to users not matching the condition.
Iframe Help
Displays an iframe
[ name="name" ]
[ title="Frame title" ]
[ width="Pixels or %" ]
[ height="Pixels or %" ]
[ align="top|middle|bottom|left|right" ]
[ frameborder="1|0" ]
[ marginheight="Pixels" ]
[ marginwidth="Pixels" ]
[ scrolling="yes|no|auto" ]
[ src="URL" ]
Displays an image.
[ src="Full URL to the image to display." ]
[ alt="Alternate text to display if impossible to load the image." ]
[ height="Height of the image to display." ]
[ width="Width of the image to display." ]
[ link="Alias: lnk. Location the image should point to." ]
[ rel=""rel" attribute to add to the link." ]
[ title="Description." ]
[ align="Image alignment in the page. (left, right, center) Uses HTML IMG tag." ]
[ imalign="Image alignment in the flow of the document. (left, right, none) Uses CSS float property." ]
[ desc="Image description to display on the page." ]
[ usemap="Name of the image map to use for the image." ]
[ class="Style to apply to the image." ]
Include Help
Include a page's content.
page="Wiki page name to include."
[ start="When only a portion of the page should be included, specify the marker from which inclusion should start." ]
[ stop="When only a portion of the page should be included, specify the marker at which inclusion should end." ]
Mediaplayer Help
Simple mp3 or flv Player
[ mp3="Complete URL to the mp3 to include." ]
[ flv="Complete URL to the flv to include." ]
[ style="One of:mini|normal|maxi|multi" ]
Insert Module Help
Displays a module inlined in page. More parameters can be added, not supported by UI.
module="Module name as known in Tikiwiki."
[ float="left|right|none" ]
[ decoration="y|n" ]
[ flip="y|n" ]
[ max="y|n" ]
[ np="0|1" ]
[ notitle="y|n" ]
Mouse Over Help
Create a mouseover feature on some text
label="Text displayed on the page. The body is the mouseover content"
[ url="Destination link when moused-over text is clicked. Use http:// for external links" ]
[ text="DEPRECATED Text displayed on the mouseover. The body contains the text of the page." ]
[ width="Mouse over box width. Default: 400px" ]
[ height="Mouse over box height. Default: 200px" ]
[ offsetx="Shifts the overlay to the right by the specified amount of pixels in relation to the cursor. Default: 5px" ]
[ offsety="Shifts the overlay to the bottom by the specified amount of pixels in relation to the cursor. Default: 0px" ]
[ parse="y|n, parse the body of the plugin as wiki content. (Default to y)" ]
[ bgcolor="Default: #F5F5F5" ]
[ textcolor="#FFFFFF" ]
[ sticky="y|n, when enabled, popup stays visible until an other one is displayed or it is clicked." ]
[ padding="Default: 5px" ]
Mouseover text if param label exists. Page text if text param exists
Quote Help
Quote text by surrounding the text with a box, like the [QUOTE] BBCode
[ replyto="Name of the quoted person." ]
Quoted text
Remarks Box Help
Displays a comment, tip, note or warning box
title="Label displayed above the remark."
[ highlight="y|n" ]
[ icon="Icon ID." ]
remarks text
RSS Feed Help
Inserts an RSS feed output.
id="List of feed IDs separated by colons. ex: feedId:feedId2"
[ max="Amount of results displayed." ]
[ date="0|1" ]
[ desc="0|1|max length" ]
[ author="0|1" ]
Sort Help
Sorts the plugin content in the wiki page
[ sort="asc|desc|shuffle" ]
Data to sort, one entry per line.
Split Help
Split a page into rows and columns
[ joincols="y|n Generate the colspan attribute if columns are missing" ]
[ fixedsize="y|n Generate the width attribute on the columns" ]
[ colsize="?" ]
[ first="col|line" ]
[ edit="y|n Display edit icon for each section" ]
[ customclass="add a class to customize the design" ]
Subscript Help
Displays text in subscript.
{SUB( )}
Superscript Help
Displays text in superscript (exponent).
{SUP( )}
Thumbnail Help
Displays the thumbnail for an image
[ file="File ID from the file gallery." ]
[ id="Image ID from the image gallery." ]
[ image="URL to the image." ]
[ max="Maximum width or height for the image." ]
[ float="left|right|none" ]
[ url="Link target of the image." ]
[ original="y|n" ]
[ sticky="y|n" ]
Youtube Help
Display youtube video in a wiki page
movie="URL to the Youtube video"
[ width="Width in pixels" ]
[ height="Height in pixels" ]
[ quality="quality" ]

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